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I am a doll collector and along with my husband I have a thriving business collecting and repairing antique dolls.  When repairing and restoring dolls for my own collection or for others it is critical to use appropriate vintage and antique materials. As a result of this work I have acquired a large hoard of vintage and antique materials, lace ribbons, trim, silk flowers and appliqués.  Much of the hoard was acquired from the stock of Laverne Goodwin.  She had an antique shop and managed estate sales.  Many times these sales had mountains of clothing and fabric left after the sale was done.  She spent countless hours dissembling clothes and packaged the parts for resale. 

Between Lavern's merchandise and other merchandise I have acquired I have more stock than I can ever hope to use for repair and restoration projects. As such I am expanding my business to include the sale of all the frivolous fabric and notions I have acquired.  I am Calling my new business Frivolous Fabrics And Notions.  I will be selling the fabric and notions through ETSY

What's New

Fabric Sales on the Web

Everyone is always asking me why don't you sell your fabric and trims on the web.  Well now we have the answer you have all been waiting to hear.  We have started to sell a selection of vintage and antique materials, lace ribbons, trim, silk flowers and appliqués on ETSY. We have always been hesitant to sell on the web because it takes a lot of effort to do it right.  We have tried to be sure the listings have the information you need to appreciate the item and be sure you are comfortable and confident about an item when you decide to purchase. 

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